In most of these fairs it is possible to buy traditional craftwork and local gastronomy.

The Artzai Eguna, day of the shepherd, in Uharte Arakil is one of the most popular and most established in the area. Since 1969 it has been celebrated on the last Sunday of August, to honour the traditional lifestyle of shepherds and craftsmen. Cheese and latxa sheep are protagonists.

The livestock fair in Irurtzun is the only one dedicated to autochthonous breeds of livestock of Navarra. It is held around the second weekend of September.

Other important fairs are those of Alsasua the third Sunday in October and Etxarri Aranatz on the first Sunday of the same month.

In Arbizu, on the nearest Sunday to October 12th, the Day of the Txistorra is celebrated. Txistorra is a sausage meat of high regard in the valley and beyond.

Feias en 2016

  • Ama Lur: 26 de abril
  • Altsasu maiatzeko azoka: 1 de mayo
  • Lakuntza: 22 de mayo
  • Artzai eguna: 28 de agosto
  • Irurtzungo azoka: 18 de septiembre
  • Etxarriko feriak: 2 de octubre
  • Txistor eguna: 9 de octubre
  • Altsasuko feriak: 16 de octubre